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show "doomsday castle requesting" on net geo. you'll stick around for the after the show show. okay? >> yes, definitely. >> brian: get the woman's side of the story. tebow is asleep. quiet. [ laughter ] martha: thanks, guys. we start with this fox news alert. egypt's disgraced former president hosni mubarak could be released from prison as early as this week as prosecutors cleared him of his corruption case as egypt continues to spiral into chaos. gregg: that news coming as there is new bloodshed in egypt with the execution-style killings of 20 policemen in the sinai.
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>> the best way to solve this problem is to write a new constitution where everyone has a say. and to have new elections. if they hadn elections muslim brotherhood could get creamed. if they don't, al qaeda will come in. that means gas prices go up. the suez canal gets compromised. this is a disaster in the making. martha: an estimated 1,000 people have been killed in these clashes between supporters of the muscle * and the government security forces. we have seen violence if alex and dria and -- in alexandria. the government has banned vigilante groups and say they
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will not tolerate any more violence. gregg: what's cairo like so far? >> reporter: it appears the muslim brotherhood's so-called week of rage has fizzled. the army seems to be gaining the advantage in the street battle and among the people. the roundups of the muslim brotherhood are making it difficult for the muslim brotherhood to get people out on the streets. also overnight that attack where 24 police officer were killed by a militant group in the sinai, many of them were excused. it does not do much to help the brotherhood's case. the sympathy seems to be moving towards the army and the violence on the street the brotherhood has participated in, that doesn't do much for their case right now. while today is quiet, it's far
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too early to say this round of violence is over. everybody has take and breather and a chance to step back from the brink of civil war. gregg: can you tell us any more about these breaking news reports that hosni mubarak who has been jailed for a very long time will now be released? >> those reports come only from his hour. his hour says he will be released. whether that will happen is yet on seen. up would think the army wouldn't take such a bold move. it was two years ago hosni mubarak was deposed in the revolutionary coup that happened by the army. you wouldn't think the army is going to try and have mubarak released as the first they can they do in the week of the muslim brotherhood violence. egypt you could equate to a
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bonfire that just needs a match to be thrown on that gas-soaked firewood. martha: u.s. lawmakers once in support of continuing our $1.3 billion aid to egypt, some of them are changing their minds. here is the ranking member of the snalts foreign relations committee. >> i think the actions the last week will cause us to you spend aid. and it's a time to -- time to recalibrate and look at what else our national end. martha: 9:30 this morning we'll be our guest here in america's newsroom and what he thinks america needs to do next. gregg: speaking of the leverage of money, american dollars. between 1948 and 2011 the u.s.
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provided $1.6 billion in bilateral form aid. 83% of u.s. aid to egypt today is in the form of military assistance. martha: you could be feeling the egyptian turmoil coming at the gas pump. egypt does not produce a lot of oil, but they control the main waterways that allow the oil to get where it needs to go. the national average $3.54, but if this continues the thinking is that it could go way up. charles, what are your thoughts on that in the. >> last week we saw crude oil prices spike and a lot of that contributed to the geopolitical violence. the suez canal is
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extraordinarily important. the longer that takes -- if that were cut off it would take so much longer to transport oil around the world the prices would no doubt go higher. as this particular situation intensifies, you could see a big risk of this hitting us on the wall is pretty good. martha: egypt is palm 54 on the list of oil producers. they are not big oil producers, but they control a lot of the avenues to get it out of the suez canal. the major oil producer did not seem rattled at this moment to have safe passage and saudi arabia and the oil-producing companies, it unless their best interests to have every one
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producing. >> they will protect that pipeline at all costs. also the viewers should know iraq is melding. their production has gone done dramatically. turmoil in the region will ultimately get to news the pumps. there is no doubt we are going to go up. how much depends. but there noise doubt we are going to go higher. martha: good time to reopen the conversation about oil independent even and shale. >> how about we never stop talking about that. martha: charles, thanks a lot. we'll see you later. >> the blade relationshipper now facing murder charges. os carl pillsecharges. oscar iser to was game a national hero overcoming the
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loss of his lower legs as a baby and going on to become the first double amputee to come piece in the olympics. but all of that came to an end on valentine's day when he shot and killed his girlfriend. many the story is he thought she was just an intruder buff prosecutors say he intentionally murdered her after a heated argument. amy kellogg, what can you tell us about what he said in court. >> reporter: the mystery is whether this was a mistake or whether he went into a fit of reaj and killed his girlfriend. we did not get a lot of new information in this gripping case except to hear the indictment formally delivered, the prosecution calling this an intentional and unlawful murder.
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as we would call it premeditated murder. and we did get a trial date. that's something everyone has been waiting for, march 3 of next year. 100 witnesses will be called to testify, including a former soccer star that claimed pistorius once threatened to break his legs. then a witness who claimed to have heard on the night of the killing something screaming, some silence, some gunshots, then more screaming. glenn: we mentioned pistor rious was tbheepg court. >> reporter: just to see him in court was a great deal of interest to many people. we see with our own eyes that he
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appears to have aged in this period. he looks older than his 26 years, acolding to the people in the courtroom. his hair is grayer. this is our fox news producer's description. >> 27 very bleak minutes where he was standing there gawnlt. he tried to avoid eye contact with everyone including me in the courtroom. i was only 10 feet from him. he was look down. he was looking white faced. he was looking tearful. >> reporter: if it's decided that it's culpable homicide it's possible he would not have to serve a day of jail time. he would do community service and have to pay some fines.
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but of course the prosecution is going after premeditated murder and that would mean many years if not life in prison for him. march rrl they were together for a relatively short period of time. he was last seen with you at an awards ceremony. february 9 of this year she used her twitter account to speak out against violence against women. at 1:00 a.m. police responded to reports after domestic disturbance and steenkamp was found shot dead inside the house. we are just getting started here on america's newsroom on his monday morning.
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scott land yard reopened the investigation into the death of princess diana. gregg: president obama is on the attack accusing republicans of trying to derail obama-care. doing that all on its own? (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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martha: it's monday morning and it's back to work for disgraced san diego mayor bob filner. during part of that time the california democrat had what his lawyers call intensive behavioral therapy which is supposed to rid him of making sex iewm advanced towards women
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including a grandmother at one point. opponents are trying to get sufficient signatures on a recall petition. they have to get 100,000 by september 26. i'll bet they can do it. gregg: president obama back from vacation and forced to face many issues including implementation of obama-care. president obama trying to condense people republicans are trying to derail the law. >> they think they would be sticking it to me, but they would be sticking it to you. some say if you call them about questions they will refuse to help. that's lousy constituent service and it's not what you deserve.
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glenn: rich, republicans didn't right the law, they are not in support of the law and her not in charge of implementing the law. one democratic senator said it's a train wreck. yet in the president's world it's the republicans' fault? >> they don't have the power to affect it have much and they haven't had the power to affect any delays. if you look at the major delays. the employer mandate, the verify case on the exchanges, the limited out of pocket expenses, that's all the president of the united states acting unilaterally and it goes to the complexion it and irrationality of the law. gregregg: when you see them all
6:18 am
together it's amazing. medicare cuts delayed. employer mandates delayed. out of pocket delayed. you have more than 2,000 businesses and unions getting waivers. the president even gave congress a waiver. is this an admission of deep flaws that has nothing to do with republicans? >> i don't think it's any more complicated than medicare and social security. when medicare was implemented there were a lot of questions and delays and a lot of people were questioning whether it's a good idea. and i don't agree with what you said that they didn't support this law. dpreg * they didn't get one republican vote. >> it doesn't matter.
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it's the law, and they have an obligation to support it. if you are living out in the country you can decide to not support a law because you didn't support it when it passed? >> the law does give governors discretion whether to set up exchanges and accept medicaid money. it's part of the law as written and rewritten by the supreme court. the whown ha -- the one who hasd the law and making it up as he goes along is the president. congress passed legislation to codify the delay. jimmy hoffa says the law is destroying the 40-hour work week
6:20 am
in america. glenn: some of the states have come out with their estimates on policy increases. florida, 35% increase, that will be the average. ohio 42%. young people in missouri, 89% increase in indiana, 91% in nevada. that's not republicans sticking to it people. these are increases in policy premiums. these are the estimates now. >> i don't think every state just said has an exchange, though. gregg: no, we are talking about the net effect causing increases. >> premiums have been going up for 15 years. so the fact that premiums are going you have is not an argument against obama-care. if you are talking about the
6:21 am
exchanges that might be different. i don't think the law has even been implemented. i don't understand how premiums have gone up -- >> these are projections about how high premiums will go in these various states. the president is out there saying premiums are going down for everyone. that's flatly untrue. the infrastructure of the laugh is to charge healthy people more more insurance to subsidize others. but the president can be honest about that. martha: we'll have to talk about that. you can visit our brand-new politics page that just started and sign up for your daily political news letter. here is how you can get it. go to you will get the top political headlines every day. it's going to be a must read.
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gregg: breaking news out of idaho where a quotes angry wildfire has spread and is threatening 10,000 homes. firefighters are warning people to pack up their most essential belongings and quote go now. martha: some gun restrictions after governor pats quinn signed measure into law last night that
6:26 am
expands background checks to cover anyone buying a gun. this is after a wave of shootings in chicago. tell us more about this law the governor signed last night. >> calling guns applying on communities, illinois governor pat quinn signed into law new restrictions that put the restrictions back on individual gun owners. it requires gun owners to notify police within 72 hours if a gun is lost or stolen. it requires gun sellers to contact state police and get a background check done on a potential gun buyer. the idea is to prevents the guns from falling off the grid and into the black market.
6:27 am
>> in order to achieve and sustain a long-term reduction in violence we must have stronger laughs to keep illegal guns off our streets and stiffer pen alts for the dangerous criminals who carry them. we seized 3,450 guns so far this year. that's an average of about $1366 guns per week. >> reporter: it was another violent weekend in chicago. a 7-year-old boy was shot when he was walking his bike. he survived but an 8-year-old boy was shot and killed. martha: you can't do anything about illegal guns coming across the border. >> reporter: the governor made it clear he wants to push for restrictions on a federal level. martha: mike, thank you very much.
6:28 am
tough situation on the streets of chicago. gregg: egypt is on the edge. the pressure mounting on president obama to cut off aid to egypt. bob corker of tennessee will be joining us on what he thinks the u.s. needs to do. martha: behind lindsey low hanp to oprah on why she wanted to go to jail.
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martha: a lot of growing calls over the weekends to end aid to egypt. 1,000 people have been killed since the deadly protests broke out last week. senator bob corker says we need to recalibrate to meet our nation's needs. >> we need to look at tbhams our national interests. is it in our national interests to have jihadis that may be threatening the security of 10 seenans and americans. is it in our national interest to insure that we have priority
6:33 am
passage in the suez canal and we continue to have good jobs for tennesseans and americans. martha: the u.s. will be sending $1.6 billion to egypt. it's gone out the door, most of it for this year before. senator bob corker joins me now from his home state. senator, good to have you here. it's great to have you here. talk to me about your change of heart on this. >> it's not a big change of heart. most of the aid has gone out the door for this year. this law when we get back, there will be a debate about egypt and i hope it will be a good one. we need to recalibrate. our aid to egypt has been basically static for the last 35 years. i think we have national interests there and i think our
6:34 am
aid ought to be tailored towards those national interests. you played a clip where i talked about a few of those yesterday. a lot of people think our aid is about winning the goodwill, if you will, of a population. that's nice, it would be nice if people liked that. but our foreign aid is about our national interest and about keeping americans secure. i just drove past in jordan meeting with the king of jordan. i could see it right across the border. israel has had missiles from the northeast part of the sinai, is that something that concerns us or do we care people are breeding there that might wish us harm? certainly our aid -- we are going to suspend some aid. but we need to keep lines of communication open. we need to have a relationship
6:35 am
with egypt that continues to push along our country's national interests and we have national interests in a country with 85 million people, the most important country in some ways in that region. we'll recalibrate. i think we'll change some things. .we need to focus on apatchee helicopters? what is it we need to look at? my guess is that we'll tier our aid. the military acting in a responsible way. martha: you want to tie syringes to the -- you want to tie strings to the aid. what israel does not want to see us pull back on any of this aid. they are more pleased with that situation in terms of the money
6:36 am
flowing there. saudi arabia gives a lot more than we do to the egyptian military. it looks like we are in a tight situation in terms of not cutting that off completely. >> i think you are exactly right. and, you know, obviously the events of this last week called to us realize that, look, i think we overestimate what our reference was there. we underestimate the leverage of the saudis and the u.s. they wanted the military to crush the muslim brotherhood. our position is a little different. i think we can leverage our position. we do what we do with 1% to 1.5% of foreign aid in our entire federal budget. we do that large part because we care about the citizens of our citizens.
6:37 am
we have 4% of the world's population and 22% of the checkout put in the world. so changes in stability affect our citizens more than anyone else. rising gasoline prices because of disruptions in that part of the world over time can end up affecting our citizens more than any when you have a worldwide recession. let's recalibrate. let's cause tour relations not to be quite as static as it's been. let's focus on our national interests and keep our lines of communication open. martha: how do you think the president is doing on handling this situation? >> i think he feels like he's in a box just as you well described a minute ago. one hand, the military has acted in ways we condemn. but candidly. i also condemn what was in he
6:38 am
sense a political coup by the muslim brotherhood. i do. i think we understand that the region is in a lot of turmoil. we don't like the actions that have been taken but we want to keep our lines of communication open. so i think this a if you answered a -- i think there is a nuanced approach. what we don't want to doyles cut tour nose off to spite our face. martha: senator corker, thank you so much. we'll be watching closely. gregg: a push in seattle to push the minimum wage to $16 an hour. so far the council said they would skirt. but many businesses -- said they would consider it.
6:39 am
some cities have minimums higher than the federal minimum wage. in his last state of the union address president obama proposed increasing the federal minimum to $9 an hour and indexing it to inflation after that. martha: they are believed to be so dangerous the government won't let them leave gitmo. k.t. macfarland is here on how she thinks this could be a huge public policy failure. plus this ... gregg: ouch. a-rod getting beaned by red sox pitcher. the pitcher was warned but he
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martha: troubled star lindsay lohan says she is an addict. >> the discussion was, i was sitting with sean and we were talking about, are we going to fight this, take to it trial? and parts of my decision was at that point i strangely -- being in my addiction and everything,
6:44 am
and having all the chaos around me i was so comfortable with, i somewhere inside knew and kinds of wanted to go to jail. martha: because she is addicted to alcohol and other drugs. she was released from court-ordered rehab. the interview is airing on the own network. gregg: some 46 detainees in gitmo considered so dangerous that the government will not release them. but they also won't try them for fear that national security secrets could be revealed. all of that could soon change as the united states begins to review their cases. the president wants to do it. kt macfarland, a fox news national security analyst joins us now. you think nothing speaks to the
6:45 am
failure of president obama's war on terror policy than gitmo. >> when he became president the first directive was he was going to close gitmo. then we are not going to close gitmo. it was the flip-flop over egypt. we love mubarak. we hate mubarak. we love morsi, we don't love morsi. it's the flip-flopping that shows america has gone from being a super power when he took office to a country with no influence. gregg: i had our brain room pull the stats. 363 gitmo prisoners have been released.
6:46 am
97 have returned to acts of terrorism. then you have another 72 more than are suspected. you have got almost 37% recidivism rate into terror. >> they are experienced, hardened, anti-american criminals. when you look at the gitmo thing -- it's just the ones who have been there from the beginning. you have two group ofs left. one is the group we decided to release. then the 50 are so hardens we are not sure what to do with them. we may put them someplace other than gitmo but they are not going back. the 100 or so we are going to release will go out the back door of the jail to yemen. or they will go into jail and be jail breakd out of there.
6:47 am
-- jailbreaked out of there. gregg: pakistan, libya, iraq, hundreds, we lost count including senior al qaeda leaders, hundreds in indonesia. has the united states gone from a super power to a country that no longer has the influence it used to? >> i think that's the heart of all this. look at what the issues have been the last couple weeks. administration and pundits ringing their hands, we don't have any influence over events. china. we don't have any ability there. it's a sense that we are somehow where we have no ability to influence. as far as the middle east and people talking about pull out of egypt, sure, get american energy
6:48 am
independence and maybe we want to rethink the middle east strafty because the flip-flopping thing isn't working. martha: it has been mired in controversy since the beginning. but even now is president obama backing away from obama-care. what some lawmakers are saying about the healthcare bill behind closed doors. gregg: london police announcing a new probe into the death of princess diana. was it really an accident or something else? so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪
6:49 am
[ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. ofs.
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gregg: an update on a 12-year-old girl attacked by a black bear in northern michigan. she was released from the hospital where she was treated for cuts and puncture wounds. her grandmother says she is sore but smiling. she was attacked while out running last thursday. wildlife officers attacked and killed the bear and they are check it for any diseases. martha: conspiracy theorists going wild after scotland yard launched a new probe into the death of princess diana. there is a brand-new movie
6:53 am
coming out. i think somebody who produced that movie had friends at scotland yard to gin up the publicity machine. >> every year we approach the anniversary of diana's death and there is another conspiracy theory. this is just yet another one. it's apparently an erratic witness. military police passed it on to scotland yard and they are looking into its credibility. i think you will find it's not credible. martha: this is the first time we have seen this bus not driven by dodi faid's father. some say that prince philip
6:54 am
orchestrated the murder of dodi faid. >> every single one separately came to the same conclusion. it was a tragic accident. the driver had been drinking what was speeding. one of these investigations involved 250 witnesses and lasted 90 days at a cost of $12 million. martha: when you think back to the motivation and circumstances of that night, you know, that driver was brought in at the last minute. he had six drinks at the bar before they left. he was on prescription medication. to orchestrate something like that with so many variables in terms of who was driving the car seems extremely difficult to do. >> she wasn't wearing a seat belt and that was something that was her decision. you feel sorry for her poor
6:55 am
boys. prince william talking about prince george, diana's first grandchild. it would be lovely if you could focus on the future, but it's hard. martha: she is on the cover of "vanity fair" magazine. there is a new movie coming out with naomi watts. there is a little bit of it at top of this. very dramatic. it's all about the love story. we'll see how successful that is. but there is an exhaustive interest in this story. >> diana is britain's jfk. she is all marilyn. she died young, there is this fascination. her no wonder her boys have the
6:56 am
smiling hatred of the media they do. martha: you talked about reviving the monarchy. i'm sure the royal family's reaction is not again. >> they will be focusing on moving forward. these are incredible allegations. gregg? gregg: the investigation coming as diana, soon prince william gives his first interview since becoming a dad. he will tell us his biggest fear since prince george was born. martha: a wildfire in cincinnati raging out of control. an effort to respect taupes ... now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies.
6:57 am
need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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martha: we start off with this fox news alert a massive wildfires raging out of control
7:00 am
for the 12th straight day in idaho. the bear creek fire burning nearly 166 area miles and forced thousand of people from their home. welcome, brand new hour of "america's newsroom" on a monday. i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill. more than 1100 firefighters, dc-10 tanker and water-dropping helicopters working to try to contain the fire which is threatening more than 6,000 homes and businesses near the sun valley, idaho ski resort. martha: alicia acuna is live in denver with more on this story. will fire crews expect to expect to turn things around today. >> reporter: that is the hope, martha and the wind doesn't pick up. this is possibility they could get rain as well. fortunately over the weekend there was cloud cover and crews arrived on scene near ketchum and sun valley,-eyed huy.
7:01 am
5100 homes are threatened in this resort area. this part of idaho where celebrities like tom hanks, arnold schwarzenegger and bruce willis own vacation homes. hotshot crews, country's dc-10 retardant bombers are there as well as the national guard. i mentioned the homes being threatened n addition to the homes more than one thousand businesses are right in the path of the flames, martha. martha: there are some other fires as well that crews are dealing with out west, right? >> reporter: that's true. a water treatment facility for the city of in oregon is being threatened by a fire burning in that area. that will impact everyone in that entire city. now this is a fire being called the government flat fire complex. it is burning about seven miles southwest of that city. homes are threatened and evacuation order was sent out for this one ignited by lightning. in call bass is a california a car fire got a brush fire going
7:02 am
along the 101 freeway. fire crew us got that down to 50% containment but not before evacuation orders were issued and 170-acres were burned. right now in the west, it is incredibly dry. any sort of ignition source will be a danger. martha. martha: alicia, thank you. let's go to the bear creek fire a second here and look at the parameters of this. it has charred 160 square miles so far. that is bigger on than the city of philadelphia. that is 134 square miles and bigger than the city of detroit and denver which is 150 area miles. a huge undertaking in this fire. gregg: let's turn to tracy weaver for more information, public information officer team one. joining us live on the phone. how much of this this is contained.
7:03 am
talk to us about the homes and commercial properties that are threatened. >> good morning, gregg. the fire is showing 9% containment right now or 8:00%. that number goes up and down as the perimeter is spreading quite a bit. as you can imagine it is a huge area we're working in. gregg: and the evacuations, the homes, the businesses? >> well, basically everything between ketchum, sun valley and hayley, both sides of the road, all those subdivisions are evacuated. there are evacuations north of ketchum as well. and as well as across the highway 75, the east fork subdivision that is all evacuated. so, you know, it is impacting a lot of people but we're starting to make some headway especially the east point of the fire which is most threatening to these areas. gregg: what about weather conditions? it has been dry and gusty.
7:04 am
is that going to continue today. >> today is pretty much supposed to be a mirror image of yesterday with the exception of potential cloud cover this afternoon. when we saw cloud cover on saturday, the fire became really moderated so even just a little bit of cloud cover can make a real difference how active the fire becomes this afternoon. gregg: well, some showers would be a welcome relief. i want to get back to the number of people that have been affected because this is such a massive fire. as i understand it, you have got roughly 5100 homes that being threatened here and what, about 14 commercial properties if. >> that's what we're showing yes. some of these homes are second homes that possibly nobody is living at right now but definitely impacting a lot of people. it is a super post-traumatic stress disorderful time for the residents of the big river valley. gregg: yeah. you told us 8% contained. can you give us an estimate of
7:05 am
when you think you will get this thing under control? >> well, to put it in perspective in order for us to fully contain the fire at the size it is right now, we would have to build 165 miles of control lines and it's not straight, easy, flat country. it is very steep. sawtooth mountains. so, you know, we aren't even projecting a containment date right now. gregg: yeah. what do you need more of right now? do you need more firefighters? >> you know, we have 1150 people assigned to the fire right now, lots of resources. they're getting in there. they're doing some amazing firefighting. really more people right now wouldn't necessarily help. we could really stand some help from mother nature would be the biggest thing that would be helpful to us today. gregg: indeed it would. traci weaver, best of you can to you and everybody out there trying to this massive wildfire.
7:06 am
thank you so much for taking a moment. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: i've got high winds. you've got high temperatures. it is a collision of bad circumstances. >> it sure is and when you look at this area where we were saying it is right near the sun valley resort. a lot of big hollywood movie stars have houses there, tom tom cruise, arnold schwarzenegger. tom hanks has a house out there as well. we always are concerned about the all the regular folk who is have houses in all these areas but as it turns out that folks people are aware of that people are concerned. gregg: some of the high-end homes, you're looking at one of them right there, as we understand insurance companies sent some of their workers out to does the rooftops of some really expensive homes they insure. i'm not sure that is a great idea. martha: great job, right. oh, boy. gregg: liability associated with that. not good. martha: not so good.
7:07 am
let's move our attention to washington and reaction over of the thousands of rules violations in watching phone numbers on calls around the country about the nsa the intelligence agency meant to rotech you has -- protect you, has lawmakers questioning constitutionality of these programs. they believe, critics that they're gathering too much information on the american people. others on capitol hill say no, this is for your safety. watch. >> it is not a problem of the fact it is it worked. if you have 99.9% compliance and self-reporting errors these came from internal report which becomes part of an overall ig report. i'm on the intelligence committee. i am satisfied. martha: peter king is satisfied. let's talk to fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. catherine, really this is a bipartisan issue. there is across the board opposition to these programs
7:08 am
right? >> reporter: that's right, martha. what is striking about the latest revelations both democrats and republicans believe. [sa has not followed the rules laid down by congress. a long time republican critic of government surveillance programs says mr. obama bears some of the blame. >> i think the president fundamentally misunderstand the constitutional separation of powers because the checks and balances are supposed to come from independent branches of government. so he thinks that if he gets some lawyers together from the nsa, and they do a power point presentation and tell him everything's okay, that the nsa can police themselves. >> reporter: well the nsa says thousand us of violations were unintentional and steps are taken to limit or mitigate the damage to american civil liberties. even democrats who are skeptical of the snowden leaks are not satisfied the broad collection of data under any circumstances is justified. >> just because something has
7:09 am
been leaked doesn't mean it is actually true but getting all of the phone calls from all americans in the united states under the guise of information relevant to an ongoing investigation involving foreign intelligence gets all phone calls. that's, to me a real stretch. >> reporter: and some lawmakers say their constituents are not satisfied either, martha. martha: a lot of questions about just the broadness of all of this and whether or not it making it inefficient and also we're learning about a bid that wo nsa's data collection here at home, right? >> reporter: well, that's right. a house republican whose amendment to block the nsa's collection of americans phone records was narrowly defeated before recess. he says he has now the support to try again. >> i've certainly heard from a number of my colleagues directly and through the media they feel differently about the amendment now. if they had a second chance they might have voted yes on it. >> reporter: meanwhile the
7:10 am
partner of glen greenwald was detained nine hours sunday by british authorities at london airport under terrorism statute. all the electronic thumb drives and like were confiscated greenwald as the journalist who leaked the nsa documents. his newspaper, "the guardian," said this was failed attempt at intimidation. martha: thank you, catherine. >> reporter: thank you martha. gregg: gregg: well senator rand paul, now firing back at governor chris christie's claims that the republican party has no room for the kentucky senator. >> the party in the northeast is shrinking almost down to nothing. they need to be looking to people with new and different ideas that will attract, youth, independent and even democrats to our party. saying there is no room for us is a big mistake on their part. gregg: we'll be talking to former new hampshire governor john sununu coming up next. martha: looking forward to that. new questions about obamacare
7:11 am
and whether recent delays are key to upholding this law. meaning that the president may be backing away in some ways from his crowning achievements say some? we'll talk about that. gregg: gregg: severe weather is sparking a spectacular light show over one american city. ♪ too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup.
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gregg: some shocking video for you now of lightning strikes in las vegas yesterday. take a look at this. mother nature lighting up the nighttime sky, outshining even the lights on the vegas strip. a powerful storm slamming into sin city, dumping inches of rain and hail. the storms making for some very slick condition out on the roads, flash flood warnings are
7:15 am
in effect now. so-called monsoon conditions are expected to keep up today. martha: back to senator rand paul now responding to comments made by new jersey governor chris christie at an rn c event that was in boston last week. governor christie says the republican party needs to win in 2016 in his opinion and according to him it can't be done with libertarians like rand paul. here is rand paul on that yesterday. >> what i would say the party is big enough for both of us. it is big enough for a lot of different republicans n fact we don't need to, this all started with him saying we don't have room for libertarian republicans of the thing is, that is how we grow our party. martha: former new hampshire governor john sununu served as white house chief of staff under president george h.w. bush and advisor on mitt romney's campaign. always good to have you. good morningings sir. >> good to be here.
7:16 am
martha: i'm doing well, thanks. what do you think between these two guys? what do you think? >> look, the party is big enough for chris christie and rand paul and big enough for governor scott walker and governor bobby jindal and governor rick perry and governor mike pence and former governor jeb bush and congressman peter king and senator ted cruz and senator mitch mcconnell, all of which are qualified to be president and 90% of which are probably going to be running for president. the real question is the democratic party so small all they can talk about is hillary clinton and what are they boeing to do when she decides not run? martha: we'll get to that. let's get first to the kind of the discussion that is going on between these two because it does force a lot of questions in terms of nsa surveillance for one thing which we talking about. rand paul very much against it. chris christie says we need this kind of program to keep the country safe. where do you come down on that? >> but, martha, a party party
7:17 am
doesn't have just one set of positions on every issue. a party is made up of people who agree on 80% of the issues or 70% of the issues. ronald reagan made that point very clear when he was running and when he was president. that is what the republican party is all about. in defend -- martha: are you saying in chris christie you need to expand your thought of what the republican party is if you think there is no room in it for libertarians? >> i think chris christie understands that the party's going to include folks from across that full spectrum. i understand that people take a quote from here and a quote from there. when chris christie finishes his election for governor, and he is going to win big and then decides what he wants to do over the next few years, all of these folks, including chris christie, including rand paul and the whole litany of folks i talked
7:18 am
about are going to understand for the republican party to win we need them all. we did that in new hampshire in 2010. we had a very strong libertarian contingency supporting the republican party. we had a strong tea party group supporting the republican party. we had the traditional republicans involved in the party and we won a huge victory. that's the way the party -- martha: big tent. >> and chris christie said, chris christie said he wants to win. and if he wants to win there is not a single vote out there he will not be welcome receiving. martha: but the question is when, you look at a candidate like mitt romney or john mccain, some people look at this group you just talked about and they wonder if chris christie is more in that category? they say, should republicans be backing somebody more in the rand paul category is really more after firebrand and more of a, well, he is a libertarian and tea party supporter? somebody who is outside of that vain because some of those
7:19 am
candidates been in the moderate camp have been unsuccessful? >> look, with all due respect i think mitt romney was probably the most conservative republican to run since ronald reagan and i think larry kudlow and others agreed with me on that point. so these, i think there is just a lot of mislabeling going on. the party is open to support from conservatives, traditional moderate republicans, libertarians and tea party. this is a party of inclusion. the democrats are the ones that seem to have everybody way over on the left-hand side of the seesaw and there is no balance in that party and i think that is the message republicans, including chris christie, including ron paul, including all who have a interest in president being communicating out there. martha: would you like to see these guys come together and form a common bond and common front and make the argument you just made? >> yeah, i'd like to see these
7:20 am
guys understand that winning does mean including people across the board. it doesn't meep you all agree on everything. it doesn't mean you don't debate issues. it doesn't mean you may not have differing positions but they're all unified, every single one of them are unified by understanding we have to cut spending with, very to reduce taxes, we have to make this economy recover. everyone knows that obama and the clinton strategy has been to expand government, create government intrusion across the board. the democrats support obamacare. every single republican there wants to repeal obamacare like almost 60% of the americans do. there's much more that unites this party than divides it. martha: governor john sununu, thank you very much. we'll see what happens. there will be scrapping to be sure when we get back to business in the fall. we'll get you back and see what you think about what is going on out there. thank you, sir. have a good week. >> they will all be through new hampshire. martha: you bet they will. you will see them when you get
7:21 am
there. thank you, governor. gregg: president obama back to business today and the first item on his agenda even more more government regulations. what he's doing critics will say lead to even more government red tape. regulation nation is next. martha: plus an entire community mourning the loss of a star high school football player. unbelievable and sad story coming up. >> and they looked like a routine play. looked like a great play by him. came up and made a good hit. for some reason he just didn't get up. what makes your family smile?
7:22 am
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7:24 am
martha: very sad story here. a georgia community is in mourning after a star high school football player died.
7:25 am
my fox at -- atlanta deantre tour man tackled the opposing team's right enand never got back up. >> never met anyone aspects as he was. willing to please his teachers and going above and beyond. you don't find many kids that address you as yes, ma'am, and no, sir. everything he did he did it with that level of respect. martha: so sad. the medical examiner says turman died of blunt force head and neck trauma. he was named one of the top football prospects in class. gregg: president obama trying to get back to work to make sure all the banking regulations haven't been implemented from the 2010 dodd-frank law are now being fully enforced. are we ever more regulated, more than ever before. stephen moore, senior economics writer for "the wall street
7:26 am
journal." good to see you. really staggering when you look at it. immigration, gun control, housing, consumerism, environment. list goes on and on. numbers keep going up. take a look at this, in 1975 we had 71,000 roughly pages in, it is now ballooned up to 114,000 pages of regs. that is 145% increase in the biggest percentage increase under president obama and he has only served one term in a few months. what do you make of it? >> gregg, i call it economic strangulation through regulation. what is happening here, by the way, this has happened through, as you said, this dates back to the mid 1970s. you've seen the escalation in regulations. it really accelerated in the last couple of years. i predict gregg, it will accelerate over the next two or three years and here's why. president obama has been unable to get through his legislative agenda. he can't get his tax package through.
7:27 am
can't get his second stimulus package through. can't get climate package through congress. what he is trying to adopt his agenda through the regulatory agencies of government to do a end-run around congress. as you said this is every area from the environment to fiscal policy or interior. you talk to people out west, interior department is taking land out of private hands putting it into government hands. we could go on and on. very big negative for the economy. gregg: colleague dan henninger calls it creeping authoritarianism. >> yeah. gregg: but, look, 18,000 plus pages associated with obamacare which one expert told us is just, nobody could possibly understand it. it is impossible to understand. >> right. gregg: dodd-frank, is it even worse? >> yeah. i've tried to read through some of these regulations. i'm not a lawyer, gregg, so it is very difficult to really understand what these regulations are saying and they use all sorts of kind of murky
7:28 am
terms are a field day for lawyers and lobbyists. that makes it very difficult for businesses to comply with. if you want to look at the total cost, gregg, of all those 150,000 pages of regulations cost american businesses and consumers, there is good data, about 1.5 trillion, $1.5 trillion a year, gregg, which is almost the cost of the federal income tax system. gregg: yeah. and the epa is now writing and inventing all kinds of rules. that would probably be, you know, stephen, the poster-child for regulation nation? >> no question about it. you know, the problem is, congress has blocked a lot of what president obama has wanted to do in terms of, especially with respect to global warming and climate change and he can't get that bill through. he has been trying to do that for four years. i'm not so sure the american people want it either. what is happening he has gone to epa and other government
7:29 am
agencies, said let us implement this through regulation. gregg: sure. >> it really gets to the question, gregg, about authoritarianism. we have three branches of government, right. the congress is supposed to make the law. what a lot of people are complaining about here, wait a minute, this is the executive branch making the laws. gregg: sure. you heard the president say early and often where congress won't act, i will. and -- >> that's the problem. that's a problem. gregg: stephen moore. good to see you, thanks. >> good to see you, gregg. martha: there's a controversial new education policy about to go back to school this fall with your kids. why a wrong answer on a math test according to this plan may not really matter anymore. plus this. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. [applause] if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. [applause] gregg: he spent years pushing
7:30 am
his health care overhaul but is even the president now backing away from the bill? republican senator john barrasso will be joining us next with his take. endless shrimp is back! people wait for this promotion all year long. and now there are endless ways to love it... from crispy to spicy to savory. [ man ] you cannot make a bad choice. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp! as ch as you like, y way you like! you can have your shrimp. and you can eat it, too. [ male announcer ] try our new soy wasabi grilled shrimp or classic garlic shmp scampi. all just $15.99 for a limited time. it's gonna be a hit this year. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shri is now! we would neveriss endless shrimp. [ male announcer ] but it won't last forever. so come and sea food differently.
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7:33 am
gregg: new questions about obamacare and whether recent delays to key parts of the law mean, well, maybe the president is backing away from his crowning achievement?
7:34 am
the administration recently postponed the mandate requiring businesses to provide health insurance to employees. gave some insurers another year before consumer costs are capped. of course the waivers, who can forget that. so does this prove even the president thinks obamacare is in trouble? wyoming senator, john barrasso, chairman of the senate republican policy committee. also a member of the senate foreign relations committee and i should point out also an experienced doctor. so you're eminently qualified to talk about this. given the waivers and delays the president him safe carved out of his own law, does that suggest, number one, this is deeply flawed, and number two, even he is retreating from something that's unraveling? >> gregg, thanks for having me. yes, i believe the president has, is retreating and he should be retreating because you're right, this is unworkable and it is unaffordable.
7:35 am
american people wanted health care reform because they wanted affordable care and what we're seeing under this health care law the cost of care is going up. the cost of insurance is going up and instead of going down. people are losing what they have they may like. yesterday came out in the state of new jersey, 100,000 individuals will come, january 1st, lose the insurance policy that they like. it is a basic essential plan. it is good for young families for many people self-employed and small businesses. yet under the president's health care law, those are going to lose that insurance that they like. gregg: yeah. 60,000 are already getting their cancellation notices. out in california, i think the number in maryland is 12,000. so much for the promise you get to keep your doctor and your coverage. but look, i i want to throw a pl up on the screen, "fox news poll." 63% think that it needs to be changed and congress should keep at it. but, senator, there was a column in the "national review" that
7:36 am
said in order for your party, republicans to be credible with the american people, they really need to devise a plan of their own, unite around it and sell it to the american people. fair point? >> well, i think it is a very fair point. we need to repeal the health care law that is out there now that is driving up the cost and we need to present the plan that shows how we can actually lower the cost of insurance and cost of care. gregg: what plan is that? >> that allows people to buy insurance across state lines. it actually gives individual incentives for people who stay healthy. you know under the current new obamacare regulations, the, no matter what you do to try to stay healthy, you're still paying much, much, more than other people because of what's called the community rating. there are no incentives for people to stay healthy. this health care law does nothing to deal with lawsuit abuse. so there are a number of things
7:37 am
we can do to bring the individual market back into play and put people in charge of their decision-making as opposed to the government. the government decisions just drive up the cost of care and don't put in place the competition which works to lower the cost of care. gregg: you know a lot of businesses, and this is another aspect of it, are beginning to fire workers. they are turning full-time workers into part-time workers to avoid the obamacare mandate, the law, does it not, act as a job disincentive which can only harm economic growth? >> the current law is hurting jobs it's hurting paychecks, it's hurting families and hurting people's ability to get care. you're right, they're pushing more people into part time and lowering the hours of part time workers to get them under the 30 hours. businesses are looking at this. it is not just businesses. it is school districts and small
7:38 am
communities saying we can't afford these mandates under the president's health care law. these are all parts of the problem. i'm expecting additional delays to come out. i would predict to you, gregg, they did this over the 4th of july. i expect there will be more things coming out over labor day this administration will try to hide from the american people. they realize this law is not working. gregg: if the individual mandate is delayed that may have a cascading effect on the entire structure which could collapse. senator john barrasso, we'll leave that for another occasion. thanks for taking a few moments. >> thank you, gregg. martha: how about this? workers at penn state now dealing with a health care mandate that could 56 affect their private system they will soon have to fill out a online wellness questionnaire. some feel like the questions on it are just too personal. if they don't answer the school's questions they will be slapped with a big fine. so that puts them in a tough spot if they're opposed to this david lee miller live in our new york newsroom. what are the questions that have
7:39 am
people concerned about this, david lee? >> reporter: martha, we're talking about a wide range of questions. some ask about height, weight, cholesterol. some are considered far more intrusive to use of tobacco to feelings of questions. one question asks, i quote, have you had five or more alcoholic drinks in one single setting in last six months? and men, are do you do monthly test particular self-exam? if they don't answer questions they are fined $100 a month. the school said, information is kept confidential. critics are not so sure. at least one professor said he will fill it out with only nonsensical endses. >> my suggest that penn state employees dutifully fill out profives, fill them with junk. in my profile, i'm three feet 8 inches tall and i weigh 50 pounds. >> reporter: in addition to the survey, employees have to go undera physical exam under the
7:40 am
mobil van. some are calling this the other school scandal. martha: what is the school saying about this? >> reporter: the school pays 83% of employee health care costs and current model is unsustainable. the statement reads in part, these changes may seem like bold action for a university and these programs are common practice in the for profit world and these funding challenges leave penn state to move ahead as planned. some health care experts, saying this type of wellness program here implemented often costs more money than it saves. the programs cost employers cost $300 per employee each year. according to a recent study only make a small difference lowering health care costs. these penn state employees, there are about 40,000 of them, have until october to decide whether or not they're going to take part in this survey. martha? martha: my hunch is we'll see more of this kind of thing as we
7:41 am
move forward through this process. david lee, thank you very much. gregg: you heard about this? it is called the new math. why a controversial new education policy says a student's wrong answer could still be right. that's my kind of math. martha: that would have been helpful to me. a former u.s. marine who spent years for his country is now fighting for his chance to play football again. amazing story. we'll explain. >> i'm 24 years old. i'm going to be 25. go four years, almost 29. that is real detrimental to my goals and where i'm trying to get to in life right now.
7:42 am
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this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. >> back to school time, right? the obama administration is imposing a controversial new education policy in many public schools and it will get started this fall. it appears according to the video a wrong answer on a math test will not be completely
7:45 am
wrong as long as the students can explain how they got to the answer, right? we're going to talk about this. jedediah biel law, a former teacher and academic dean. she is fox news contributor. tamara holder is fox news contributor as well. what i was referring to there is a video that explains how it will work. multiply three times four and get 11. it is not necessarily wrong if you explain to us how you got there. you're a former teacher, jedediah, is that a problem? >> it's a problem for me, because math accuracy it is important and needs to be right and wrong. i don't want to see kids egos stroke. they hate red pences because it feels bad and tracking is dangerous and hurt yourself esteem. they're afraid to tell kids you're doing this wrong because it might hurt their self-esteem and make them feel bad. you have kids that can't add, subtract and here divide.
7:46 am
martha: one of the problems i find this is lot in lower grades. if you misspell a word, it is okay. if you want to spell it phonetically, or hear it, that is fine. i have one taking s.a.t.s, wrong answers do not get you anywhere on the s.a.t. how are we preparing our students? >> problem is we are not preparing our students and we haven't been. this is systemically problem and crisis in america and these core standards or, whatever you want to call it, that the method to success is very stringent. what they found is actually more students don't know how to read, aren't proficient in math and english. and so we're trying to create a system where we can keep our children ahead in the future and compete with countries like finland and south korea. martha: of course. >> so the standards, previous standards aren't working. peel on the right are so upset, they don't like this new program but what has worked before? martha: well, it is interesting because what i find in this it
7:47 am
talks about new testing. the testing is more rigorous. it has shown in places like new york city for example, are in much worse shape than anyone thought. first you have to know how bad things are to where it is going. you don't address teaching and dead wood in the classroom. there are great teachers. a lot who have been around a long time, frankly don't deserve there to be anymore. you have to have somebody to teach the standards effectively. >> that is a union problem as well. martha: that is what i'm getting at here. >> you need merit pay for teachers. you need school choice. you need bad teachers to be held accountable in classrooms. common core is disaster. it is federal overreach, a. martha: how -- >> how is it federal overreich. >> algebra delayed from one grade to the next. traditional geometry all of sudden doesn't work. >> these are standards that d.c. created for years and years -- >> these are one size fits all standards that are being imposed in education. >> how is that overreach.
7:48 am
>> obamacare doesn't work when it is one size fits all. this doesn't -- >> why do you go into obamacare. martha: from what i understand, there are states, can have flexibility in terms how they apply these. he is not completely a federal program. in fact people who came up with it are not happy because they feel like president obama keeps talking about it. i think that the bigger picture and, both of you are touching on what is important here. everybody knows what our kids need to know. the problem is they're not learning it so you have to go back to the whole picture. the question of tenure. the question of who is teaching. the question of what they have to accomplish. and, you in order to get truly competitive. >> when you have fuzzy math being imposed, no longer there is right or wrong answer in mathematics. it is happening in reading and spelling. all of sudden act a sir, we don't need that anymore. we want to figure out what you guys think is best. we don't want to hurt your egos. martha: we have to go. >> in 1983 there was nation at
7:49 am
risk report. in 1989, president george h.w. bush. he had education summit. all the things were discussed back then. we have generation after generation not being educated. martha: more and more money is being thrown at education. jedediah, thank you so much. tamara, thank you as well. back to school. bad time of year. gregg: i'm not ready for that either. let's check in with jon scott to see what is coming up on "happening now." hey, jon. >> i never liked back to school time except shopping for new pencils. it is still three years away but presidential candidate selection running rampant. might hillary clinton have a well-known competitor assumes she decides to run? we'll get into that. looks like the prosecution could wrap up today in the military trial of major nidal hasan. there is 24 hour news
7:50 am
channel launching. is there room for more media and can you trust the source. news watch panels weighs in. gregg: jon, thanks. lawmakers looking at our southern border before taking up the key security bill. what they found and what it means for the future of this hot button issue. ore. ore. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here!
7:51 am
aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes. [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. i see you, cupcake! uh-oh! [ bottle ] the number one doctor recommended brand. ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
7:52 am
7:53 am
gregg: one group of gop lawmakers taking a very important tour of our border with mexico just ahead of an expected vote on a new border security bill in the house with some tough new standards. william la jeunesse, live in los angeles with more. hi, william. >> reporter: well, gregg, you know the challenge is to get a border security bill tough enough for republicans but not severe to scare democrats. if they agree then they can
7:54 am
tackle the rest of immigration reform. it's a step by step approach that begins at the fence. from a helicopter high above the border, to a patrol boat along the rio grande. >> you have to understand it to know what the problem really is. >> reporter: congressman mike mccall, recently led a tour of the u.s.-mexico border to help colleagues understand the challenges. >> i was surprised how close the shores are too each other and how shallow the water is and how easily someone can get across-the-boarder. >> we have to look at a national strategy comprehensive way. we need to have a plan. >> reporter: mccall's plan differs from obama's policy which discourages local police to patrol the border. mccall's plan encourages it. unlike the senate bill his bill emphasizes border security. >>ing border security before
7:55 am
immigration reform is a political tactic. it's a way of saying, we're going to present this nearly impossible goal so that we can negotiate and bargain for things we want. >> reporter: many border agents support's mccall's bill which requires 90% apprehension success rate which some consider that not realistic. >> when we talk to the agents day after day patrolling they're not seeing things under control t would be a real slap in the face to them to grant status to people who have broken the law. >> reporter: so the beauty of this bill politically it set as goal but does not include a price tag. it is sponsored by a democrat so it has a good shot. provided con tiff republicans believe it will work. we should find out early october. gregg: stay tuned for that. william la jeunesse. martha: big story this morning, egypt's disgraced former leader. hosni mubarak may soon be a free man once again.
7:56 am
look at pictures in streets of cairo where the death to has climbed, over one thousand over the course of this weekend, including execution-style killings of policemen in the sinai peninsula. the latest from that region is next. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. martha: new dad prince william apparently broken his silence in the first post-baby interview. he is dad less than a month and like most new dads his life is filled with diaper changes and feedings and not much sleep. he told the prince is a little bit after handful. >> he is a bit after rascal. he reminds me of my brother or me when i was younger, i'm not sure. but he is doing very well at the moment. he does like to keep things changed. >> i did the first nappy. a badge of honor. i wasn't allowed to get away with it. every midwife staring at me, you
8:00 am
do it. he is little fighter. he wiggle es around quite a lot. >> you're up at night. >> not as much as catherine. she is doing a fantastic job. martha: how do you think he is doing, gregg? >> future king changing diapers? i don't buy it. martha: of course he does. we'll leave you on that night. bye everybody. see you tomorrow. have a good day. >> brand new stories and breaking news to bring you. jon: almost impossible to imagine the crisis in egypt is growing worse. dozens of egyptian police officers are massacred in an ambush. the e.u. holds an emergency meeting trying to stop the brutal violence as some u.s. lawmakers call for an end to military aid to egypt. a tearful oscar pistorius indicted today on charges he murdered his model girlfriend. he is set to stand trial this winter in south africa.

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